It's your time to shine

Welcome to the Beyond Bourbon Gainesville cocktail competition! It doesn’t matter whether you’re an expert cocktail mixer or an at-home aficionado; what matters is that you’re ready to have fun, get creative, and design your own cocktail. To qualify, you need your Beyond Bourbon Gainesville box with its three bourbon samples; from there grab your phone, any extra ingredients, then let the mixing begin!

What’s at Stake?

After a though expertly-judged competition at Embers, the winning cocktail king or queen will have their winning recipe featured at Embers Prime Steaks Wood Grill & Spark for a year and will have their drink recipe shared with all the participating guests of Beyond Bourbon Gainesville. In addition, the winning composition will automatically receive one of our limited edition Ronald McDonald House Woodford Reserve bottles from our private cask.

We love pictures and videos!

You should upload a 1-3 minute video of yourself preparing your Bourbon Cocktail, at a minimum and for marketing purposes pictures are needed. Professional quality is not essential, but try to make sure your video is clear, well-lit, and audible. Take it one step beyond by making the cocktail while facing the camera, as if you’re on a tv show.

But wait, there is more!

We've outline all the rules and guidelines for you right here. You can submit the recipe, photos and/or video on our submission page. Don't forget to pay your $25 entry fee here if you are not a sponsor already.

Connect Laptop, TV, or projector

The livestream will be watchable on multiple platforms. Please select your preferred platform and simply click to view.

We suggest connecting your laptop to your TV or projector to view our event on the big screen to cheer and support us safely from home. An ethernet connection is also recommended.

Questions? We have help standing by on the day of the event.

Bids & Donations

All bids and donations can be securely made via your phone or computer before or during the night of the event by using the OneCause platform. Participation in the live auction is available through your phone and computer as well. Please be advised that we will make every effort to acknowledge your bids, but certain delays may occur.

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Engage with us live

We would love for you to engage with us via the chat / comment section and to help us raise urgently needed funds for our families via the silent auction, live auction, and ask throughout our program.

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